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It’s good to greet you on Vernal medical tourism assistant website.


If you’re about to find a good hospital abroad with lower price and the same level of medical services, below you’ll find a description.

First step is to find several foreign hospitals with a perfect reputation. The hospitals must be focused on your medical problem.

Second step is to get an independent second opinion of these hospitals’ professors

Third step is to compare the conditions of each variant including both travel and medical expenses

Next step is to plan your med-trip.


Well, how can I get info about foreign medical centers to help with my case?

-Just write to us (vernalmed@gmail.com) describing your medical problem

What should I expect?

-We will translate your case into several languages and send it to the famous foreign hospitals with a perfect reputation and working international departments with English-speaking coordinator. Within three days we will send to you from 2 to 4 doctors’ opinions including both travel and medical expenses.

How much?

-It’s completely free. Our mission is to connect international patients with best hospitals to get treatment for less money with the same level of medicine like in the US.

Can I trust you?

-Yes, sure! Vernal medical tourism assistant has accreditation of Medical Tourism Association (USA)  Since 2008 we helped more than 5,300 patients from all over the world find best medical solutions abroad.

 Write to us right now vernalmed@gmail.com

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